Fishing Gifts

Monthly Awesomeness

It’s possible that this trend started with the “Wine of the Month” clubs, but recently some companies have been catering towards the man or women looking for monthly treats catered to the outdoors. I have subsc...
Tacky Fishing

Tacky Fishing Fly Box Review

Some products come along that completely flip an industry upside down and Tacky Fishing did just that with their new innovative fly boxes.  This company pledged on Kickstarter back in December, 2013 that they c...
Nautilus FWX

Nautilus FWX 5/6 Review

Sometimes you come across a great, yet inexpensive product and you can’t figure out how it can be priced so low.  Nautilus Reels offer such a product with their line of FWX (Feather Weight Xtreme) models.  Whil...