About Us

Crew of Beyond the CrosshairIf you have landed on this website through any other way other than DownWind Outdoors let me give you a little crash course on who and what Beyond the Crosshair is all about.

Beyond the Crosshair is a group of guys who have been brought together by our love of the outdoors. While we are all from New York, we grew up in different regions and didn’t become close friends until after our college years. (Side note: Through coyote hunting and our passion of filming these awesome predators, we started DownWind Outdoors in 2008.) In my opinion, Eric speaking here, this has given us a vast knowledge of how to handle the great Northeast as hunters, fishermen, shooters, hikers … basically well rounded outdoorsman. When we use the phrase “well-rounded” in front of outdoorsman we don’t mean we are some kind of super hero hunter or fishermen who consistently takes monster trophies or can shoot pin sized groupings at a 1000 yards. We are far from it. We just enjoy being in the outdoors and sharing it with you. There is nothing we love more than filming a hunt and sharing it with you on YouTube or writing an article that can somehow help you in your outdoor adventures. Picture us as a group of your friends at deer camp, we argue about what spots to hunt, make fun of each other for missing, but in the end we love the outdoors because we share it with each other. That is what Beyond the Crosshair is all about.

We hope you enjoy the site and the information it provides is helpful and informative. If you are expecting a well written, well punctuated, grammatically correct blog then you have come to the wrong place. Remember these are our stories and our ways of doing things. Please keep the negative comments to yourselves and give us some positive feedback to make us feel like the great white hunter. Sit back and enjoy our site and don’t forget to leave us a message, we love the feedback!