Some products come along that completely flip an industry upside down and Tacky Fishing did just that with their new innovative fly boxes.  This company pledged on Kickstarter back in December, 2013 that they could give the fly fisherman a more secure way to hold their flies.  After 514 backers who pledged $14,516, this group of five guys from Utah brought us a fly box that will out hold and outlast anything you have in your vest.

Now if you have spent some time casting flies you have suffered from fly box problems.  You know all too well about flies falling out of worn foam, latches not staying latched, and hinges not being able to close because a fly is stuck in them.  The Tacky Fishing line of boxes solves all these problems.  First and foremost, their silicon base replaces the old foam style.  You can’t really wrap your brain around this material until you push in your first fly.  However, you will immediately feel the awesomeness that makes these boxes what they are.  Also, they staggered the hook slots which will help in packing those flies in, a feature that probably should have been invested a long time ago.  There are no more latches as the Tacky fly box has added magnets in the corners to keep the lid shut.  I was a little skeptical of this system but to date I have yet to have the lid pop open.  I figure that even if the lid does accidentally open, I have nothing to worry about because the silicone lining will keep the flies from going anywhere. The hinges are strong and durable and run the whole length of the box.  At first glance, the polycarbonate plastic construction looks a little sub-par but it is actually very thick and rugged and I prefer the clear top so you can see your collection of trout slayers.

slit silicone storage

The slit silicone storage system. The magnets can be seen in the bottom left along with the hinge design on the right.

Size and Capacity

The Tacky Day Pack (5″  x  3″  x  3/4″): Holds up to 190

The Original Tacky Fly Box (7″ x 3 1/2″ x 3/4″): Comfortably holds 168 Flies

The Tacky Big Bug Box (7″ x 3.5″ x 1.125“):  Silicone mat designed specifically for larger flies and can hold flies with hook sizes up to 2/0.


The Tacky Day Pack: $20

The Original Tacky Fly Box: $24.95

The Tacky Big Bug Box: $31.95

All in all, this is a fantastic fly fishing box and should be added to all vests.  The workmanship and thought that has gone into making this simple fly fishing tool is amazing and truly makes for, in my opinion, the best fly fishing box on the market today.  Try one today, your flies will thank you.

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Tacky Fishing Fly Box Review
Build Quality9.2
Innovative Design10
Overall Value9.7
9.5Overall Score
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