Coyote video

Choosing the right property for a hunt is sometimes like eating out; your choices are influenced by many variables. For instance, when ordering a meal, sometimes things like a friends opinion, what you’ve tried before, what sides to get with main course, and even the time of day you go to the restaurant may factor into whether you will enjoy that meal or not. With coyote hunting, factors such as wind direction, previous experiences, latest information (scouting), or whether the field is shaggy or tightly mowed all play vital roles in whether a hunt is successful or not. In both instances it may seem like the odds are stacked against you and the only thing you can do it adapt, roll with the punches and make the best out of what you are given.

Eric and Andy’s “Bad Gone Good” hunt is the perfect example of adapting and making the best out of what otherwise would have been a waste of time. Like any other hunt, they had a plan of attack, a spot all picked out the night before considering wind, approach and some local knowledge. After their unscented showers, confirming the wind and packing gear, they finally headed out on a 25 minute drive to the hunting spot.

As soon as they got to the location and opened the truck doors they knew something wasn’t right.  The wind was blowing in the opposite direction of what the weatherman had predicted.  Without missing a beat Eric and Andy changed gears and went to their backup plan.  After a short drive just a few miles down the road they arrived at a familiar spot, another honey hole nonetheless.  A sense of urgency kicked in as they already felt they were running slightly behind, but they knew the wind at the previous location was perfect for this spot and hopes were still high.  As they were unloading gear from the truck, Andy quickly noticed the wind had shifted yet again.  With daylight fast approaching, urgency caused Andy and Eric to start feeling an anxious frustration and they quickly agreed that the wind was swirling and their first location was as good as any.

After making it back to the original spot, they gathered the gear and started to make the half mile trek into the setup location. As if running a little late wasn’t bad enough, half way out Eric remembered that he forgot his face mask and had to run all the way back to the truck.  The only saving grace was the fact they left early enough in the morning to make up for their misfortunes and still had enough time to get setup.  Just when they thought that everything that could go wrong had already gone wrong Eric turned on the main camera to find the battery light flashing with only 4 minutes to film and no extra batteries (the camera man’s fault).  Beyond frustrated and about to surrender, they decided this would be a hunt with or without footage.  Footage is very important to the DWO crew, but the possibility of not getting this hunt on video didn’t deter these guys from looking for a good harvest. After all, they did have four minutes of battery juice left, just enough to put that wily coyote to sleep.  Deciding that they would only turn on the camera if a coyote made an appearance in their viewpoint, Eric and Andy tried to maximize their video potential.  As luck (which was the first they saw all day) would have it, after a lone interrogation howl and about 2 minutes of singing the bunny blues a coyote came out and wanted to be a movie star.  Eric flipped on the camera and started rolling that beautiful coyote footage.  Knowing they had only had a few minutes to get it done they attempted, with success, to coax this coyote a little closer. As he approached, one turned into a pair of coyotes. They both were coming in on a string, circling slightly to the down wind side, and all seemed right, until yet another road block popped up.  The cows in the field caught a glimpse of the coyotes and decided they were getting too close for their comfort.  Before a stampede ensued, Andy let the .22-250 ring and a well placed (center punch) Nosler Varmageddon dumped the coyote.  Though there weren’t any follow up shots on the second coyote, having a coyote down on film when nothing went right all morning made this an otherwise bad morning gone good.

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